A Worshipers Heart
(Gen. 22:1-12)

This scripture in Genesis is a wonderful example of a worshipers heart in action.

Artistic expressions are an extension of what is already in our hearts. Dance (creative movement) and the Arts in general reveal every area of our lives.

If your soul (mind, will, emotions) is out of balance with the Word of God, it will show up in your artistic expression.  Sometimes it's hard to hear the message God wants you to express through movement, sculpting, singing, painting, etc because your soul is speaking louder than God's still small voice. If you have unresolved hurt, unforgiveness, anger or lust issues, others will sense it or see it reflected in your artistic expression.

It's important that teaching on purity, holiness, prayer, and a worshiper's heart be studied for anyone called to the ministry of dance or any form of the arts. To a Christian the arts becomes an expression of honor and love for Jesus and a means of expressing the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.