Every human being is designed with purpose, for greatness and for excellence. The late Myles Monroes once said,

"Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable". 

It's more clear than ever how profoundly true this statement is as we look at so much confusion and chaos around us.

Many are paralyzed, with deep wounds in their souls because of the hurt and pain of past abuse, rejection, abandonment, disappointment, guilt, shame, etc.

The Soul Restoration program is designed to bring healing and freedom from the lasting affects of soul wounds so that your past will no longer affect your future. 

Join us on October 5, 2021 at 6:30pm for our info and intro session.  In person at 3510 Scotts La. (ste 3013) Philadelphia, Pa. 19129 or online via Zoom. 

These classes are free but you must register as there is limited in person seating and also to receive the online Zoom link. 


Soul Restoration -  Let The Healing Begin